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Summer 2019

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Day 1 (Monday, 7/22/2019)

Workshop Packet Day 1

Link:  UC Davis Statement of Purpose & Pesonal History & Diversity Statement for Graduate Students

Link:  UC Davis Graduate Programs

Slides:  Principles of Academic Writing

Slides:  Statement of Purpose vs. Personal Statement

Homework Day 1

Peer Review Sample Statement of Purpose

Day 2 (Wednesday, 7/24/2019)

Workshop Packet Day 2

Slides:  Peer Review

Slides:  Personal Statement

Slides:  Sample Personal Statement

Homework Day 2

Day 3 (Monday, 7/29/2019)

Workshop Packet Day 3

Slides: Abstracts

Helpful Links & Supplemental Reading:

OWL Purdue (online writing lab at Purdue University)

Audience & Academic Discourse Community

The Academic Discourse Community (Noorgard)

Why Peer Review Journals? (Do)

Statement of Purpose

What’s a Good Statement of Purpose? by Eamonn Callan

Sample Statement – MIT (750 words/about 4,000 characters)

Sample Statement – MIT (marked)

Personal Statement

Link: Writing a Winning Personal Statement for Graduate School


How to Write an Abstract (Carroll)

Victoria University of Wellington “Writing an Abstract”

Marked Samples

Read & Writing Process for Graduates

Critical Reading for Graduate Students

Principles of Academic & Professional Writing

Constructing Proximity: Relating to readers in popular and professional science by Ken Hyland

PPT Slides for Constructing Proximity (5 facets summarized)

Paragraph Structure Review

Editing Strategies & Advice

Editing and Proofreading  – by VanderMey, Randall et al. (2007)

Error Codes

The Paramedic Method for Editing

Basic Punctuation Rules

Parts of Speech

Clauses & Types of Sentences

Relative Clauses

Nouns and Noun Phrases

Verb Phrases and Forms

Subject-verb Agreement

Verb Tenses

Passive Voice

Choosing the correct article (a,an.the or no article)

Determiners and Quantifiers



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